Autumn Organizing

Most people associate spring with bringing order to your home. But sometimes you need to tackle the must-dos as they come, season notwithstanding. I couldn’t have picked a more autumnal day to make progress on my girls’ room.

The wind was cold outside. The leaves were still partway between orange and green on the tree outside my window. They clung valiantly but they were no match for that cold wind. As the rain began I realized this was a good day to stay home. We’ve long attended our church’s Saturday night service so Sundays have become a catch-all day.

I started work on our digital scrapbook from our recent vacation to Disney and Universal and visiting family in Florida. I have a coupon that expires on Wednesday. Besides, on a cold day like today, what could be better than remembering when we were so hot we couldn’t stand it?

As I started working I realized the girls needed to keep plugging away on their room. However, to my delight and their dismay, I realized I had given them the tools to finish on their own. They now had a place to put most of their things. Mom could enjoy her project and keep making sure they were unpacking and cleaning up. When I say “we” made progress, I mean “they” made progress with me keeping them on task.


Before (but seriously, after some attempts at order had been made)


They thought a path was enough. Bless their misguided hearts.

The before and after pictures don’t show anything truly amazing. But they show improvement. Where there was a floor claustrophobic in the amounts of homeless items, now there is a full bookshelf and one lone, half-empty box. Now there is a plant hanging by the window that Kati bought with her own money. There is a hat rack and a place for Lucy’s backpack and purses to live. I’ve become quite adept at using anchors and screws to hang things. I can even say there is more clear carpet than full carpet.

Seriously, can I get an “amen” from all the moms out there on that last one?

I will need to help them make further progress. There is that last box and the shelves are looking a bit like someone shoved items on them (straight off the carpet, no doubt). But today I got a 12-year-old and a six-year-old to make headway on their room! I will cheer for that victory. I will take this huge leap forward.


Hung up using sheet rock anchors. I’m getting good at this.

We can improve on this beginning. They can part with some things in the near future, I’m sure. But this cold autumn day was a good day for progress. Plus they did pause to make a belated birthday cake for their brother, so, ya know, tradeoffs and such. I mean it is yellow cake with chocolate frosting.


Yes, I notice the mess that’s remaining. But we are down to one box!

Tonight we will enjoy the fact that there’s no school tomorrow and that I am not in fear for my feet walking into their room for goodnight kisses. Tonight we shall get baths accomplished and watch the rest of a movie together. Now to go finish that Disney album.


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