This may be Harder, but God is still Good

Today I awoke excited to welcome my new microwave oven at my new house. God had provided for it. I had filled out a customer survey on how I felt my realtors had done. Not good. The owner was mortified. She refunded a fee I had paid her company and offered to pay for the installation of my new microwave. Those two things equaled just $30 under the final cost. Amazing.

I set aside a chunk of my morning and welcomed the installation dude and showed him to the spot over my stove and the exhaust hood it would replace. And that’s when the story got complicated.

The hood wasn’t plugged in. It was wired in. And the microwave required a place to plug in. He wasn’t allowed to do that. I would have to hire an electrician. He recommended a place I could call and my request for a quote was disheartening–$65/hr plus materials and I’d have to wait 10 days for an opening. It was reasonable. But it was a bitter pill when I had already paid $160 for the installation.

Then the installation dude, trying to help, made his suggestion. “You know you could check and see if you knew anyone who could do it. It’s pretty easy. Do you have a handy husband? Boyfriend? Someone in your church?”

Yes. I had a handy husband, I thought. I told him my late-husband could have done it and I had just uncovered a box of electrical supplies in the garage to prove it. “Oh.”

Moving into a new house as a widow is presenting challenges. I’ve never in my life had to hire a handyman. Now things come up that my late-husband made look so effortless. If he didn’t know how to do something, he figured it out. I’m trying to make that my mantra but I do have my limits. Figuring out how to install an electric outlet on YouTube didn’t sound wise to me. (Can I get an “amen” from all my friends who know just how accident prone I am?)

I posted the need to Facebook feeling, again, the hole in my life my husband left when he died.

I remembered a nice man from my former church who was an electrician and gave him a call. He said he might be able to come by later. It shouldn’t take long at all. It made me perk up a bit. I reminded myself that God had provided for anything I had need of since Kraig died in amazing ways. I needed to fix my eyes on Him and not let the weight of grief pull me down.

And then I watched as a few little blessings started to improve my day. Ryan was coming to help with the microwave, though he’d had to reschedule for tomorrow. I remembered I had earned a free salad at Mixed on my frequent shopper’s card. Awesome! My errands went easily and I had a favorite TV show TiVo’d I could watch after my errands.


The new microwave before electrical hook-up commenced.

My mood started to improve and after school I got another surprise. Another friend’s husband, Jeremy, worked near my house and was waiting out front with all his electrical tools. He’s an electrician too. It wouldn’t take him long at all. He wouldn’t let me pay him any more than a loaf of my pumpkin zucchini bread. I texted Ryan that it was all taken care of and thanked him for being willing.

There will be things that come up that I need to fix, repair, or upgrade. But God has provided for me this far and I will delight in telling anyone who will listen how He is caring for this widow and her children! Today a set-back reminded me of what I had lost. But it also revealed, again, that God had not left me here alone. This may be harder, but God is still good.


2 thoughts on “This may be Harder, but God is still Good

  1. says:

    Hi Jenn, Just a note to let you know I have been following your 31 days adventure. I read with a knot in my throat most of the time, but I admire your ability to forge ahead and to see the light at the end of the tunnel; knowing it is not a train–it is God.
    Give me a call sometime when you have an hour or so for lunch. It will be my treat.
    605-347-0700 cell
    605-720-4405 house

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