Juggling things as a widowed mom of four is exhausting some days. Today was one of those. I have been tired since I woke up.

Grief reared its ugly head right before I went into the exercise class I have begrudgingly joined. I told it to go away and dealt with it later. I need the company in the class and it’s probably good for me. But exercise is one of my least favorite things to do. The teacher is a sweet woman who kindly doesn’t look my way when she shows the modification (aka “easier way for the less fit chick with the bad knees”) for each exercise. Bless her. I did many modifications but not all. My whole body aches as I type.

I tackled grocery shopping, dishes, and avoiding my sewing for the upcoming craft fair before beginning the after school rush of running around. I ended up at one of Kati’s last tennis matches of the season. I still don’t fully understand tennis. But, Go Kati! Oh wait, I’m not supposed to cheer? This is a quiet sport like golf? Oh well.

I was unprepared for the dive the temps took and had to drive to my friend’s house for blankets. She laughed at me. But then she realized I have never had the experience of sitting outside for sports. Ever. Last weekend was the first high school football game I’ve ever attended. None of my kids have participated in sports before. I’m not prepared! And I was freezing!!

I arrived at home to three other kids who hadn’t done chores and only one was attempting homework. As bedtime rolled around, I realized I was still tired. Not becoming tired. It was a general state of the day. And, oh, wait, I hadn’t blogged. I’m halfway through the 31 day challenge and losing steam? I don’t think so! The blog must go on!

So you are getting a blog tonight that is more laundry-list of my day’s tasks than helpful hints on making a house a home after a move as a widowed mom of four kids. But perhaps that’s part of sharing that journey too? Knowing that being a widowed mom of four kids means I’m tired pretty much all the time. Think newborn baby and 2 a.m. nursing tired only I’m getting 8 actual hours of sleep and still forgetting things and dragging.

Tomorrow I will tell you all about the one moving-in related thing I did accomplish today—finally buying a shower curtain. But for now, this mom is spent.

So good night any of my readers in the blogosphere. And, if you have any friends that are widowed moms, know that caffeine in whatever form she enjoys is always a welcome gift. Doing this alone takes all the energy we can muster some days. It’s not a complaint—just a fact. Now off to see if I can get that full 8.


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