What’s Stopping You?

Yesterday I was inspired to buy something simple for my house—a shower curtain. I was inspired by my inspiration book The Nesting Place and by a dear friend who shared with me how she was stuck.

A few months ago her husband had knocked out a wall that now made her floor plan open and inviting. But she had yet to hang any pictures back on the walls. She felt a panic attack rising at the mere thought of hanging pictures. What if she didn’t like them? What if they looked wrong? And so she remained stuck with no pictures up.

She knew the cause of this panic. Growing up her walls had been a delicate stucco and so her parents had made sure pictures went up and were in that spot forever. There was no rearranging. Once that hole was there, it was done. I encouraged her to try but my words were met with a skeptical smile. (I may have to offer to go help her take a chance.)

I realized I was putting WAY too much thought into my shower curtain. When we moved in, I bought a clear liner but couldn’t decide on the curtain. After all, I reasoned, whatever I choose will determine what I paint the walls. So I have to really give this thought. Fast forward two months later and we are still showing with a clear liner and kids constantly fearing being walked in on au naturale.

I decided right then to just go buy one. I headed to a store I hadn’t tried yet and found three options. I liked the colors in each. I realized I keep getting drawn to a blue-teal so that dropped one option that was pink. Now to choose—floral or stripe? Realizing that my eldest son used this bathroom as his main one, I made the call for stripes. It was on sale for $10.

That’s it–$10 is not exactly a huge investment. That’s what was stopping me? Risking $10?

I came home and excitedly put it up. The kids loved it. I will live with it for a few weeks before deciding if it really does contain one of the colors I’d like to put on the wall. Until then, we have privacy in the shower and a splash of color in a beige place.


My $10 risk

FYI – I equate beige rooms with the same weight as a crime against nature. God created our eyes with the ability to see over 220,000 colors. We should not spend our days surrounded by white or beige. Embrace color, people!

So today I will celebrate my $10 risk and ask you what risk you need to take? Seriously. What is bothering you in your house that you have been frozen in fear of messing up? In her book, The Nesting Place, Myquillyn Smith encourages us to just try something. If you don’t like it, try something else. The best case is you’ve made your home more personal and you might enjoy what you try.

So paint a wall something bold. Hang those pictures and know that nail holes in sheet rock are barely noticeable and easy to fix. Buy that shower curtain knowing that if you hate it, it wasn’t the investment that will break the bank. That’s what I did and I’m loving it!


7 thoughts on “What’s Stopping You?

  1. My sister constantly changes shower curtains and comforters because she can never find the perfect one. And so earlier this year, when I moved into my new place, I was stressed out finding one. But then, I stumbled across the perfect one and didn’t second guess myself.

    I still love it! And the funny part? My sister wants to buy the same one for her place. 😉

    So glad I took the risk! My choice in comforters wasn’t as perfect though…sigh.

  2. sarahschultz2384 says:

    I just got that book from amazon today! I’m so excited to read it. I too despise white rooms and my whole rental house is a paint-free zone. To compensate I have a deep purple couch. Haha! I just spruced up my basement/homeschool room. It was terrible. $20 later I had made some faux roman shades, bought a new slipcover for our couch and a bright blue rug for the floor and it’s so much more relaxing down there.

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