Settling In

There’s not much in life you should settle for, but settling in is a whole ‘nother story. Today I made another step towards settling in.

First, my friend Jeremy (married to my fantastic friend, Amber) once again blessed me with his tools and his electrician prowess by helping me move the cable hookup so I could rearrange my living room. I had purchased an entertainment center at IKEA while in Denver in July. However it was one foot too wide for the place I originally envisioned it. The cable company wanted $70 minimum to move it. Jeremy to the rescue.

You may remember him as the guy who helped finish the install on my microwave this week. He only let me pay him in pumpkin zucchini bread. Today he wouldn’t let me pay him either. I gave him lunchbox snacks from a huge set I’d bought at Sam’s that weren’t the kind my kids like. He thanked me. He said that Amber had this was from their “benevolence fund.” Love it.

After he left I finally got the girls to finish the pile of miscellaneous stuff remaining in the room from that last box. I was on a roll! I grabbed a drill and put up a rack in the walk-in closet I share with my 12-year-old. She now has a place to hang her purses so we aren’t walking in them. Score!

I realized I needed to get rid of a canister set that was taking up space on fantastic new counters. I only used one of them for spaghetti noodles. The rest were just kinda there for whatever. I posted a pic on a Facebook garage sale page and within minutes they were sold!

What else could I tackle? Ah ha! I had discovered a box full of odds-and-ends last weekend while the church guys helped in the garage. One of the things in the box were metal supports for closet systems. The guys suggested I put some on the wall of the garage to hang the vast collection of extension cords my late-husband had amassed. I could easily do it because apparently Kraig had the need to buy screws every time he went to the hardware store. I have hundreds.

After church tonight I even got a bonus blessing. A nice lady from church runs the most adorable shop in town called Vintage Chicks 605. They upcycle old stuff and make art. I could get in a lot of budget trouble there. I stopped in a few weeks ago while on the quest for a piece for the girls’ room only to have my daughter tell me what I was looking for was not what she wanted.

Kelly remembered my visit to her shop. She asked if I had found anything as they had been keeping their eyes open for me. How incredibly sweet! I told her the funny story of Kati wanting something else. She was glad I found something and told me to let them know in the future if I’m looking for anything specific. I told her my eldest son wants to find a solid wood door to make a corner bookshelf. She smiled. She has several. We can connect and see what he likes.

It feels good to be settling into the new place. I can finally smile when people ask if I’m settling in and liking our new home. Yes. I am. I’m making progress much slower as a widowed mom of four than I did with a husband to help out. But thanks to amazing friends and God’s provision, settling in is happening.

God blessed me with a good day today for settling in and even threw in a bonus blessing. Finding balance amongst these boxes is getting easier all the time.


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