Stay Tuned….

Today started out relaxed and easy. We went to church last night so I had told the kids to sleep late, enjoy screen time, and eat whatever. We had a date for pictures outside in the beautiful autumn afternoon.

My friend met us at a beautiful wooded area. Tanya has a gift with a camera. Last year she took the kids’ head shots instead of school pictures. I vowed a few years ago I would not pay $30 per child for bad pictures anymore. I used to head to the mall. Tanya is so much better.

I’m glad we had our delightful time in the woods today. The weather was beautiful and the sun warm. It was autumn at it’s best. Tanya captured some amazing pics of the kids and even grabbed a few of all of us together.

I needed that time because afterwards my day took a dive. The productivity I had planned was pushed aside to deal with a minor crisis that engulfed the rest of my day. It wasn’t terrible–just unwelcome and burdensome. And just after I thought I had finally survived and gotten them all tucked in, one of my kids came to me in tears fighting grief. Sigh.

So I will hurriedly pop off a blog and focus on tomorrow being a better day. I will take time for my small group Bible study before tackling the seemingly endless to-do list that sits heavy on me tonight.

And I will stay tuned to see what amazing images Tanya got of my kids. It will give me something wonderful to think about a day that was less than what I had hoped.


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