Vacuuming and Vignettes

Note to self: always vacuum the carpet barefoot.

I hate cleaning. Hate isn’t actually strong enough a word. Abhor is better. I have friends who make it look so effortless. They walk into a room and see the clutter before my eyes have even adjusted. They whip it into shape in less than half the time it takes me. So I hide from it.

Today I left Bible study with two amazing women with a goal and momentum to get stuff done! I had tons of laundry to take care of and my living room needed to be vacuumed.

As I began to walk over the spaces I’d completed I felt it—that amazing feeling of freshly vacuumed carpet between my toes. I savored it. I scrunched up toes , feeling the new, fresh, clean feeling and wondering why I wait so long between doing this? I should always vacuum carpet barefoot. It might help me do it more often.

I think I procrastinate because to get that feeling, I must first pick up the room. And I must stay focused, hiding my adult ADD tendencies. You know the ones. Pick this up off the floor and take it into the next room. See the item on the counter in said room that belongs in another room. Take it there and find something else. Before I know it, I’m overwhelmed with what needs to be done in every room. I give up and play Candy Crush in denial.

Today I determined to stay focused on just this room. As I made a pile for the kids to put away when they get home, I realized I needed to set up something on the newly moved entertainment center so that it did not become a magnet for clutter. Isn’t fall a perfect time for a vignette?


The entertainment center in it’s new location complete with fall display.

Lucy had painted pumpkins with the new neighbor girl and my friend Kellie had given me some gourds and an ear of Indian corn. It’s not going to win me a spot in Better Homes & Gardens, but the spot looks suitable for the season and will hopefully prevent us from setting random minutia there.

The room still has the pile for the kids to deconstruct and put away. But other than that, it feels more inviting, more cared for, more homey. And that is the goal of cleaning isn’t it? Caring for our space so that our loved ones can feel cared for.

family pic

My four blessings and me on a fall day

As promised in yesterday’s blog (Stay Tuned), here is one of the fantastic autumn family pictures Tanya took of me with the kids. Other than Disney, it is our first official family portrait since Kraig died. It is nice. I might even have it framed. Another addition to making this new house a home.


2 thoughts on “Vacuuming and Vignettes

  1. Aunt Barbara says:

    Nice photo. There is a poem that ends with “so go away cobwebs and dust go to sleep, I’m watching my babies and babies don’t keep” Take time to enjoy the kids. They will be grown in a flash.

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