Adventures in Costume Bingo

Today was a pretty good day. Number of boxes unpacked—zero. Number of projects accomplished—quite a few actually. But as the day wore on I realized how much I was looking forward to a quiet evening at home. Oh let’s just be honest, I was looking forward to bedtime starting around 1:30 p.m.

But then Lucy bounded out the door of her school, grinning from ear to ear. “It’s Costume Bingo night tonight. We’re going, right?”

Lucy is the youngest of my little blessings, an addition to our family set apart from her siblings by 6 years. I like to say we were done and God laughed. I’m so glad he did. But with Lucy it is sometimes like getting to do parenting over again for the first time. With Lucy I made new mom mistakes like enjoying that she was playing quietly before realizing at 9 months old, that’s not a good thing.

When she asked about Bingo my heart sank. I did not want to do this. I’d done this years ago with her siblings. It’s one of those family event evenings I could totally skip. But I realized to Lucy, this was a new adventure. This was a gloriously fun event at her new school.

I tried all through making dinner to come up with reasons it would be nicer to stay home. She wasn’t buying it. Her friend’s family was going. I mean, we got to wear costumes!!

The light in her eyes won me over. I could do this, as long as we didn’t stay long. I could do this.

No sooner had I uttered the words and Lucy was in costume, ready to help me get dressed up too. You don’t have to tell me Halloween is a great excuse for adults to act like kids. With no warning, I went to my go-to easy costume—Tooth Fairy. It consists of an old bridesmaid’s dress, a dress up crown, and wings. Tonight I added a wand and decided I was a Fairy Godmother. Easy and fast.

I asked Lucy, “What if none of the other parents dress up?”

She replied, “That’s OK. I won’t be embarrassed.” Hilarious.

So off we went for fundraiser hot dogs and a few games of Bingo. She proudly showed off her costume to friends and after losing three games in a row decided that was enough.


Princess Lucy and her Fairy Godmother

I often have to remind myself to keep the new things special for Lucy even if they are old hat for me. Tonight was another thing done because she needed to experience it. It was another event survived on my part because of them. And it wasn’t too bad.

Sometimes a Fairy Godmother has to take a Princess to her first Costume Bingo. Just because.


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