Liberating Boxes

Sometimes at the end of a rough week, Sunday is the best day ever. Today was one of those days.

This week was hard on so many levels. Since I’m in the home stretch of the 31 Day Blog challenge, just scroll down if you want to see why. Yesterday was the turning point into a brighter outlook. Today was intended to be a good day to do nothing. However, we managed to get quite a bit done. Score!

I watched a movie from Netflix with two of my kids and then realized I had the perfect task to tackle when it finished. We tackled a box. Not just unpacking any box. No, this was that box that had lived in the hall since we got here. We kept moving it around, out of the way, but avoiding the odious task of actually sorting through it. Ever have a task like that? You keep putting it off and hiding from it only to realize how much time and energy you are putting into not doing something? That was this box.

I dragged it to the living room and told the three older kids we were tackling this box. It contained tons of odds and ends from our bathrooms. There was deodorant I’d bought the boys that hadn’t worked and hotel shampoos from who knows when. There was stuff we actually wanted to keep but needed to find a home for. I pushed them to unload this box and before we knew it, the cardboard was free to be tossed aside. Yup. We didn’t just unpack. We set a box free!

On a roll now, I sent Ryan and Kati out to the garage to locate any boxes marked “books.” Ryan had finished The Hunger Games and wanted to see what happened next. Somewhere there was a box that contained the rest of our library. Jackpot! Another box located and unpacked.

Each box we find and liberate for use in someone else’s move is one step closer to this being a home. It put me in such a good mood to see those two boxes cleared. When Lucy noted it was the perfect weather to carve pumpkins, I was with her. The bonus was when I realized they were all big enough I didn’t have to get any pumpkin guts under my nails. They could help eachcarving pumpkins other.

They carved and got creative. I made ham, potato, and corn chowder for dinner. Kids were bathed and homework finished. I even got some sewing done for the craft fair looming large on my calendar. It was a productively good day.

So I’ll celebrate the liberation of two more boxes and all the rest of the stuff we accomplished today. Maybe my small steps forward will encourage you to tackle that “box” you keep avoiding, whatever it may be. You can do it!


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