Tiny Victories

Sometimes progress comes in small steps. As I chose the topic for my 31 Day Blog, I was filled with enthusiasm that I would tackle major remodeling things just because I had inspiration and an audience. If you’ve been following my 31 Days of Bringing Balance Amongst the Boxes, you know that has not been the case.

Moving as a widow with four kids comes with baggage. It also comes with balancing everyday life with four kids alongside making progress on the home. I’ve done a few big things. And I’ve had set backs. But for the most part the victories have been small things tackled and accomplished.

Today’s victory was a combination of the two.

First, I headed to the store to get subfloor for my tile install that is happening Thursday. I’m using some of the house proceeds to remove the carpet in my dining area/kitchen. I’ve found a good contractor with a fair price. I’ve gotten all the supplies except this one thing. He told me to head to Mendards and pay for it and he would pick it up. The minivan can only do so much.

While there, I found inspiration for another small step towards organizing success. It was a shoe organizer for my youngest daughter. Of all of us, she is the shoe horse. The reason is she receives hand-me-downs from a friend. Whatever the cause, her closet is a mess and unable to function as it was meant. When I passed the closet section and found a good price on one that would fit, I bought it.

I came home and called my contractor. The guys at the store had not sold me the right thing. That’s fine. I can take it back and get what I need. It will mean another trip but in the scope all the universe, it’s a first world problem. My contractor will call me back with exactly what I should get instead.

IMG_1415I turned my eyes to organizing the shoe debacle. It was another project that took a fraction of the time I feared. Compared to all the stress the mess had caused me over the past few weeks, it was silly how fast I got it cleared up. The finished product will just take teaching my six-year-old how to put her shoes away. But doesn’t it look amazingly improved?

Victories are sometimes huge and sometimes small. They are sometimes just taking care of that annoying thing you keep putting off. Let me be your cheerleader today to just go for it and tackle that odious task making you wince as you read this. Just get it over with and watch how much your stress load lifts. I did it and so can you!


6 thoughts on “Tiny Victories

  1. I think it’s definitely important to recognize the “little victories” in life! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. And wonderful job on the closet!

    Anastasia Rose

  2. Woo hoo! The simple act of organizing your daughter’s shoes will make a world of difference in each member of your family’s life. Good job taking the plunge and doing it 🙂

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