Perseverance is a virtue. It’s a value I cherish and want my children to learn is worthwhile. I want them to know you finish what you start, what you commit to. Think that’s why I’m plugging away with my 28th day of my 31 day Blog Challenge tonight. Might be the only reason. I started this. I committed to this. I will finish this!

Tonight I hurt. My blessed TRX teacher did her job today and my muscles tonight are protesting loudly. Oh for the love. I hurt. My muscles are screaming at me to go to bed. My son is wanting to finish watching TV with me. So I blog and fight exhaustion. Maybe I can talk him into going to bed once I fulfill my commitment to this blog. The DVR is a blessing in that regard. We can finish it when I am more coherent and not concerned about my muscles atrophying.

Today I made more progress on my home. I went back to Menards and got the right subfloor. Yay for texts from my contractor. And my fantastic friends Mic and Chelsea helped me slide the large pieces of furniture out of the way to make room for the new tile. Pictures will show the before and after on Thursday. A huge project seems a great way to finish this month of blogging.

But as for tonight, that’s all I’ve got. So I will post this blog as a tribute to perseverance. I will keep going until the finish, praying words don’t escape me tomorrow. Only three days left. I can do this. To all my fellow 31 Dayers, you can do this!

It’s a lesson in perseverance and in digging deep as a writer. At least that’s what I hope. 😉


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