Progress in the Kitchen!

Today I spent my time trying to be productive while staying out of the way of the handyman installing my new tile floor. It was surprisingly exhausting! Trying to stay out of his way and find things I could do left me dragging this evening.

When I moved in here, the glaring question of “what were they thinking” was most evident in my eat-in kitchen/dining room. Every house has that spot where you ask that question. Mine was in the fact that “they” tiled between the center island in the kitchen and the counters. But on the other side, the side where the table resides and next to the dishwasher, they installed carpet.


Before (please ignore the counter–I was in a hurry!)

With four kids and a dog and my handicapped housekeeping abilities, this was a recipe for disaster. I watched as water from loading the dishwasher splashed onto the carpet time and again. I cringed as Kati shook the A-1 at the table, only to realize the lid was off. Removing this carpet was my first major project.

I found a nice guy who did work for the development I live in, helping them upgrade and prep rental houses. He knew the layout well and could do it in a day or so. His price was fair and I found a good deal on the tile.

Today he arrived and set to work. His assistant had to cancel so he got it 90% done before he had to go. But that 90% looked so much better. And I’m fine with him returning to finish in the morning. It won’t take him long.

The thing I’m most excited about? The eight or so boxes I have in the garage filled with my China and glassware, and special mementos are itching to be unpacked. They call to me when I go into the garage. Tomorrow I finally get to put them in my hutch and display them with pride. It makes me giggly.


Almost after

So tonight I will get kids ready for bed and gather the last of the piece for each of their Halloween costumes. I will head to bed early, exhausted from a long day. And I will dream of a kitchen/dining room without boxes and without nasty carpet under the table. It’s amazing the things that make us happy once we’re grown-ups, isn’t it?


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