The Finish Line

Can it be 31 days ago I set out to challenge myself and blog every day? Can October be coming to a close this fast? Can I really have made this much progress in a month on making my house a home? The answer to all of that is yes. Wow.

Not all of my blogs have been Pulitzer material. (Yeah, I’m stretching it to think even one, but a girl can dream, right?) But I was faithful to the task I committed to—blogging daily and sharing the journey of making a house a home after moving as a widow with four kids. And that was a challenge.

SAM_1043 SAM_1039

Today I got to finish on an incredibly high note for me. I got to finally unpack nine boxes of China and serving plates and precious creations by the little hands in my home over the years. I got to fill up my China hutch and proudly display the treasures that live there. Bonus—there’s now more cleared space in my garage. It not only made my home feel more like MINE, it got me a few steps closer to being able to park in my garage before the white stuff starts to fly around here.

This month I’ve not unpacked or decorated every day. But that was part of sharing this journey. Had I employed the household staff of Downton Abby, I might have gotten it all done. But my theme was Bringing Balance Amongst the Boxes. I had to balance exercise and housework; kids’ schedules and my part-time job; unpacking and paying bills; overwhelming grief and the fantastic normalcy of the mundane. It is a balancing act.

This month I also continued to watch God’s faithfulness in action. He loves me so much. Did you know He loves you too? My son bought a shirt that says, “Jesus Loves You. But I’m his favorite.” It made him laugh. My sister said she heard a sermon that stated we should all understand we are God’s favorites. He values us beyond what we can understand.

I have watched as He’s provided the right people to help me at the right times—both with little and big projects. I’ve watched in awe of His financial provision. I will forever speak of the glorious things He has done in my life. He is amazing.

I’ll probably take a breather from blogging for a few days at least. I need to take Sophia, Hermione, the “Gate Guy with the cool keys from Lord of the Rings,” and Eddie Kruger—Freddy’s CPA brother who gives you nightmares about being audited—Trick or Treating tonight. (Seriously, that last one was all his creation and I’m still chucking about the creativity.) Plus I’ve got company coming and more projects to work on.

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9 thoughts on “The Finish Line

  1. Beautiful china hutch–I SO wish I had one–all my precious things are still in boxes waiting until our 4 kids get a bit older so they don’t get broken 🙂 Congrats on finishing the 31 days challenge–woo hoo!

  2. Jenn, this is the first time I’ve seen your 31 days and I’m so glad I dropped in. I’ve been in your “web home” for about 45 minutes reading your posts – all the way back to November 2013. I am sorry for your loss – I can’t begin to imagine the up’s and down’s of this past year. God bless you and your children. Much love and prayers.

  3. I’m visiting here for the first time during this series, and your post brought such joy to me. I think mostly because you speak with mirth in the face of grief – and that’s a lesson we can all take away. Congratulations on unpacking and on finishing this challenge strong!

  4. October seemed to really have flown by! I really had fun doing this challenge. So true God loves us so much. Sometimes I don’t always remember how much He loves me glad that His love doesn’t depend on me remembering. Congrats to finishing the 31 day challenge.

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