Amazing Faith

“Something amazing happened today!” Lucy was bursting to tell me something exciting.

From my warm van I had watched her exit the school in the driving winds. She’d come out smiling and taking her time across the snow. I was glad she’s old enough to find the van on her own. I’ve had this cough for two weeks now and I don’t want it to last another day. After she was safely inside, she turned her toothless grin to me and beamed with joy, making Buell Bunch (20 of 31)her exclamation.

I turned off the radio so she could tell me what had made her day. I imagined all sorts of things that would rank as amazing in the eyes of a first grader. I was completely unprepared for what she had to say.

“I started a church club!”

“You did? How did you do that?”

She began to tell me of her friend Patricia, who, she discovered, did not go to church! Lucy had been telling her about Pastor Michael, her children’s pastor, and Patricia shared that her family didn’t go anywhere. Lucy was shocked. So Lucy said, “I made a church against the wall at recess.” She said she could teach Patricia all about God at school.

Tears filled my eyes and joy filled my heart. Lucy, however, wasn’t done yet.

She had recruited her friend, Liam, “who goes to church in a school” and her friend Cooper as well, “‘cause he knows Jesus.” Liam will be one of her students because “he needs to learn more about Jesus.” Cooper, they decided would be the “one who runs the church” while Lucy will be “the team captain and the worship leader.”

And there it was. My six-year-old became a church planter today at a public school. She even hired other staff. She is so excited to teach people who don’t know about God all about Him.

Long ago I read that children are the best evangelizers. I knew that first-hand–I’m the reason my dad started coming to church when I was only four. Children are unafraid of sharing their faith. Lucy was shocked when I told her many grown-ups would not be as bold as she was to tell their friends about Jesus. “Why not?!” she asked, perplexed.

Why not indeed. There is a reason Jesus said we needed the faith of children. There is boldness in the heart of my six-year-old. There is no fear of being rejected for her faith. There resides in her simple act the true definition of ministry—find a need and fill it!

Lucy has gotten the message that she can show her friends who Jesus is. She fully believes that learning about God is a worthwhile way to spend your recess. She has caught an excitement about leading others in songs of praise and lessons of faith. How my heart filled with joy!

I pray her love of learning about God is contagious. I know from experience that in a few days her group of friends will most likely move on to chasing bad guys or pretending to be jungle animals. But for now, seeds are being planted in young hearts and my daughter is the tool God is using to do it. Why? Because she loves God and she is willing. How fantastic is that?

Something amazing did happen today.


Guest Post

I was asked by a friend from my writing conference to be a guest blogger on her blog. I was honored. Feel free to pop on over and check it. I recommend checking out some of the rest of her great stuff while you are there.